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SEROShape® weight control supplement leverages all-natural ingredients to provide appetite control and thermogenic effects to promote weight loss.* Individual results may vary.


SEROShape® weight control capsules leverage natural ingredients to provide appetite control and thermogenic – heat producing – effects proven to promote weight loss. Results may vary by individual.


  • Leverages all-natural ingredients
  • May help to boost your metabolism*
  • May support appetite control*
  • May help reduce body fat*
  • Are an innovative fat-loss enhancer*
  • May promote healthy weight loss for a healthier and leaner looking body*
  • May promote greater calorie burn*
  • May promote greater energy levels*
  • Are free from common allergens such as dairy and gluten
  • Are suitable for vegetarians
  • Supports healthy body composition*
  • Does not include ingredients that were produced using biotechnology
  • Are free from dairy or dairy-derived ingredients, MSG, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners
  • May help you to look and feel better*