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Here is my story-- Last summer I suffered for months with terrible intestinal pain & diarrhea - the medical clinic tried everything, rice water, antibiotics, metamucil, - nothing helped so had colonoscopy & endoscopy - they said lymphogystic colitis & Barretts esophagus so then recommended 3 months of steroid treatment with no surety of success. I remembered aloe so said I want to try that method so ordered Serovera = in 2 wks I started getting better & in a couple months I was in good shape & feeling great. My PA in medical facility was blown away by this so I gave him the info on Serovera & he has prescribed this to several people (including his relatives who have issues) Serovera was a MIRACLE for me & I will stay on it for the rest of my life!!!!!

Thank You,

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you to express my feelings toward your product SEROVERA.

I’ve been hospitalized twice in 2013 and 2014 for Diverticulitis. I was on meds and they didn’t cut it for me. I was at my doctors for a follow up and the care provider gave me material on Diverticulitis and there was a picture of Serovera with a brief article on your product. I’ll make a long story short. In four week of Serovera AMP I was free of Diverticulitis! I’m 75 hears old and the relief was a new Day!! I will be a life taker of Serovera and I will without a doubt be a vocal person for your product! I thank you and appreciate what it has done for me ! Keep up the good work.


I have been suffering from diverticulitis for the past 2 years with my symptoms being horrible pain in my lower left abdomen, fever and nausea. My MD put me on 2 antibiotics for 14 days each time I had a flare up. I would get better but then the flare ups would just keep coming back.

At that point I knew that surgery to remove the diseased part of my colon was going to be the next conversation with my doctor. I was desperate to find an other alternative to surgery and wanted to be off the constant cycle of the antibiotic merry go round. So I went on the internet to find anything that would help and I found SEROVERA. I listened and read all the reviews and decided I would try it. Thank God I did.

Since using this wonderful product I have not had a symptom of my diverticulitis for 3 months. SEROVERA has been wonderful and a great side effect to taking this is I did not get the flu or any colds this winter! Everyone in my house got sick but me!

My name is Dodie Carroll and I was recently diagnosed with collagenous colitis.

The drug my doctor prescribed was going to cost me $1,300. I told her I was going to look for a natural product and I found your website. I watched the videos and read all about it. I ordered the Serovera and began the treatment.

I am now in remission and actually feel like there is nothing wrong with me. I can eat and drink whatever I want. The drugs they prescribe for this disease can damage your kidneys and I was not going to take that chance.

I am so thankful for your product and I am telling everyone about it. I feel that God provides answers in nature to cure our ills and you took the time to find it. I purchased Serovera and I took it as recommended, within a 30 day period, My symptoms have all but vanished! I am absolutely amazed, pleasant surprised and extremely happy!!!

Thank you Serovera for providing me with the Tools and knowledge to help myself and others!

My name is David,

I have been a quadriplegic for over 24 years and I have numerous health problems related to my quadriplegia, one such problem caused me to have colon surgery, which resulted in a colostomy bag and that left me with a 17-20" blind pouch attached to my rectum.
From the time of installation in the year 2000 everything was working properly in my new anatomy, until January 2013, when things changed drastically! (my rectum had been dormant for all that time).

In late January 2013 I started having minor symptoms (spotting), before long problems became severe. it seemed like out of nowhere. I started to have uncontrollable diarrhea (copious amounts from my rectum), during the day, at night or whenever my colon felt like dumping it would. During this time my life revolved around my symptoms & problems of my colitis, there was extreme disruption of my daily needs and the amount of laundry that was generated was just absolutely ridiculous.

I went to see my gastroenterologist (GI) Dr. he did a flexible sigmoidoscopy looking for the problem all he could do was confirm my original diagnosis of diffuse colitis. He recommended that I do medicated enemas twice daily along with oral medications called sulfasalazine. I was disappointed when he did not offer any type of natural or holistic remedies, so I took it upon myself to find a better way.

As I was doing research scanning many pages on the Internet, I came across the serovera page and I listened to all the testimonials that I could find, I was intrigued by this because of their background, they were just ordinary, average, everyday people such as myself, I understand my case is more complex than others in some ways but in other ways we are still quite the same.

I purchased Serovera and I took it as recommended, within a 30 day period, My symptoms have all but vanished! I am absolutely amazed, pleasant surprised and extremely happy!!!

Thank you Serovera for providing me with the Tools and knowledge to help myself and others!

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2010. After being treated by two different Doctors for several months I was not getting better. They prescribed expensive medicine that did not work and that I could not afford to take anyway as I do not have drug coverage. I am 76 years old.

I got on the internet and read up about my condition.the prognosis was not good. Somewhere in my searching I learned about Aloe Vera capsules. The first company I tried helped somewhat but they wanted me to buy Immodium and take more than the recommended dose. Then I found your company and decided to try it.

I have been very pleased. I have been on the maintenance dosage for about a year now. I would recommend it to anyone with the condition I had. I am probably in remission but I am afraid to quit taking the Aloe vera capsules and the probiotics that come with it.



For years I could tell something was wrong with my stomach and I'm only 21 years old. Originally, I had ulcers and became lactose intolerant and everything seemed fine for a few months after the doctor recommended some medicine but then it all came back. I experienced pain and a lot of other stomach issues that started to affect my regular day routines. I went to about 5 doctors to try to figure out what was wrong but none of them offered much help besides testing for crohns disease with blood tests or just saying it was IBS and calling it a day. Finally, after many years of this I talked with my newest doctor and convinced him that maybe I needed to get an endoscopy or colonoscopy. I ended up getting both (not fun) and being told that there were bumps and I had gastritis. My dad had an employee who was taking Serovera so I looked into it and tried it. I started it in January of 2012 and there has been immense improvement. My family and boyfriend have both been grateful to have me back since I am no longer distracted all the time worrying about my stomach, hiding in the corner with pain, or not being able to go out because of my stomach. I am so grateful to have found something that finally works after suffering with stomach problems my entire life thinking it was normal and I can't believe it's not through drugs. I can FINALLY travel and partake in activities without worrying about issues arising!

I had questions about my previous order and rang your company and got every help possible. Excellent service. Thank You.

My daughter has a serious UC problem that has landed her in the hospital 4 times (total of 7 weeks) because of complications due to the different medication she has been put on. I kept asking about aloe vera as an alternative and NO ONE in the medical field "knew" anything about it. For the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas my daughter didn't want to go on the 6MP because she feared the side effects and she was going through finals. She was just off prednisone and heading back into an episode and I thought she should try your Serovera AMP 500.

The people in the testimonials on your website outlined my daughter's last 2 years. The fact that it wouldn't react to the Lialda she is on made us think...let's give it a shot. It can't hurt! Within 2 weeks she had less symptoms and by Christmas she was, in her words "normal...better than normal !!" She sleeps through the night, has no rushing to the ladies room, no stomach aches, and is eating healthy foods (not just soups and rice). She got through finals without any issues. It has been the best thing we have ever done...ever found. I feel great!" When she continued on about it and how she felt, he said it wouldn't hurt, but we'll still keep the idea of 6MP on the table.

She continues to feel great, is planning her semester abroad (never thought that would be able to happen) is going out and having fun like a college student should! As a parent who has been by her side and watched what she has gone through for the past 2 years, I can tell you it is fantastic. The social issues (going out, roommates, etc) involved with UC and a 19 year old away from home are huge. Being on Serovera amp 500 has eliminated the medical and social issues in less than a month. Amazing! Fantastic!

And a very grateful THANK YOU from us!!

Hi Carol,

My Serovera package arrived yesterday (Thur 8). I thought their maybe a slight delay due to the customs strike in the UK the previous week. I can never thank you enough for Serovera - it has improved my quality of life in a way i never thought possible. I cherish everyday of the wonderful new life Serovera AMP has given me.

Best Wishes, Keith
First off let me say I felt compelled to write this testimony. I am a regular guy and in no way do I benefit from this. That being said I truly am so happy with the results that I have received from amp 500 and the probiotic supplements.
After I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitous I was both relieved and concerned. Relieved that I did not have colon cancer and concerned that I may not have the same quality of life that I once had. I am 44 and in great health. I work out every day and love it. When u.c. kicked in I could barely walk my dog due to lack of energy. I became very depressed and worried constantly. I researched every thing that I could find about u.c. and found a wonderful site called:
I have u.c.
Serovera was advertised on this site. I checked it out and everything sounded great. Later that day I decided to order amp 500 and became a pay pass member. A few days later my order arrive and I started on the program. Within 3 days I already felt better and every day since I have felt good to very good. No more cramps,bleeding etc. My energy is back and I am back to exercising regularly and eating sensibly.
I LOVE THIS STUFF!! You really owe it to yourself to give it a try. It may not work for everyone but it certainly has worked for me. I just ordered my second bottle and I can not recommend this highly enough! Thank you Serovera for giving me my life back!

Hi. Living in Ireland and stumbled across serovera in a newspaper. Wasn't sure about trying a product ordered over the internet but with my condition I was willing to try anything. I have to say the product is fantastic and all my symptoms have gone. Thanks.

THANK YOU! I received my package yesterday (Wednesday) and started my Day 1 looking forward to sending you a "glorious progress" report/email, in the very near future.
Caroline, may I tell you how very helpful, patient, truthful, professional and kind you were on the phone...I had agonized for over a week trying to decide among 3-5 companies that I narrowed down, and a conversation with you convinced me I was choosing the right company.
I'd love to pass on a personal comment to your supervisor regarding how well you do your job... if you can provide one and IF it is acceptable practice in your company.
Thanks for caring about people and truly representing yourself and your company as a Service Company providing a much needed product for those in need. And thanks ever so much to sending out THAT day!
Kind Regards and God Bless....

You are always professional, very friendly and take less time to order from than ANY other purchases I make on line. AND your product has saved me from colon surgery for chronic diverticulitis. Thank you so much.

I normally don't write these things but felt the need this time. I have been taking the Serovera advantage for about a month and it has been working out good. I have had colitis since I was 17 and i have had some really bad flare ups. I recently had one and it seemed like it would never go away. I took this stuff along with my normal Meds and it has been like night and day. I wish it was cheaper but what product out there don't we wish was cheaper. If you want to get better do this:
1. Eat Clean
2. Still take you normal Meds
3. Take this stuff
4. Go to the gym and bust your ***

Hi, Just wanted to thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. I've spent past 6 weeks in pain about 70-75% of the day and went to bathroom 20-25 times per day, 3-4 times per night. After just 1 week, I have 0% pain, 1-2 trips to bathroom during the day, and 0 trips during night. Thanks to Serovera, am getting a full night's sleep now too because don't have to get up to go to bathroom. I suffer ( or should say did suffer) from Ulcerative Colitis. Thanks you so much, Darius

Dear Madam, Thank you very much for all the help and support you have given and for great customer care you provided. I can confirm that Serovera package was delivered on Monday 9 August at my vacation address.

Just that it would be so great if this was covered under prescription. With a chronic condition that requires me to take this daily, it can add up. It does work, obviously, or I would not continue it, and I am grateful for that.

After being treated with 12 cycles (8 months) of Chemoterapy (ABVD) for Hodgkin's Lymphoma my Gastro Intestinal system was down and very damaged. I started to feel an abdominal pain in the left area of my abdomen, I can't even be seated because the pain. Tried everything, lots of natural remedies, and lots of Medicines. After a year in remission (cancer free) I was diagnosed with diverticulosis but nothing resolved my abdominal pain, so I researched the Internet and found Serovera and decided to give a try.
After 2 months under Serovera regimen and Probiotics now my life is back, even I'm happier than before. The abdominal pain is almost gone and I don't feel anymore like If I was completely full, so Thanks Serovera for this miracle product. I'm planning to take Serovera as a mantainance process my whole life.

Hi everyone, I'm 23 years old and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 16. I tried every medication for UC including Lialda, Asacol, Rowasa... Nothing really seemed to work. Anyone with UC knows that this disease is embarrassing at times. And you just want something that works. After my doctor tried to put me on steroids, which I refused to take, I decided to search for something natural to take. I stumbled upon the Serovera website. After taking the Serovera pills for a month, my UC disappeared. Everytime I have a flare up, I don't get discouraged. I order a bottle of Serovera. It's the only thing that really works and has no side effects. And I think that the price is well worth it compared to the huge amount of money I used to spend for doctor visits, multiple colonoscopies, and medications that never worked. Thank you so much Serovera!

I have been taking amp for 9 weeks now 4 weeks ago i added serolife. The progress i have made against crohns has so far been outstanding. You don't need to improve anything!!!

Ok do where do I start? I guess my diagnoise information. I was diagnoised november 20,2009 with mild colitis/proctitis. I was so devastated and tried ignore it. I has none of the normal symptoms with this disease. At the time I was experiencing spotting, constipation, and mucus. Then the doctor put me on canasa which stopped the blood for a little bit but I experienced the worst side effects with that drug. So I stopped and the blood came back with the mucus. I was researching alternative medicines and came across serovera in February. I was still apprehensive on the stuff bc the site had no negetive responses (which in any other site for a drug/supplement would). So in April my fiance bought me a bottle and I began to try it with hope. Right away I exsperienced more blood and the mucus had broken up. Then a week later came the urges to go, but nothing came of it. I was mind boggled about what was going on. So I tried it for another month, no changes, then another month, still no changes. Now I was going on fifth month and have quit taking serovera. I believe it has made my symptoms worst and is not right for me. I have received 3 other emails from people on this stuff that are experiencing the same side effects. I know you say there are no side effects, but you need to look closer. For those of you who it's working for, I envy you. However, I am glad to hear you well. Please post this response bc I believe your site should gave negetive responses as well as positive (as should any drug/supplements). Thank you for all your help bc your team has been great.

I have suffered from IBS for the last year. I started taking Serovera about 2 weeks ago. I can't believe it. My IBS has gone away. This is an amazing product. My doctor wanted me to take a bunch of tests. I declined and I tried this as a alternative and I am back to normal. Thank You for making a fantastic product.

I'm busy, so busy that I'm stingy with my time. There are only a handful of AMP newsletters I bother to check, SEROVERA's is one of those. SEROVERA's discounts are by far the most favorable. I hope this reveals a valuable lesson for anyone paying full price! So here is my official thank you... your stuff remains to be the best, it's a diamond among rocks!

My name is Rod Welles. I am a 58-yr. old white male who has been taking your product for months now. I have found the product vital to my healing process with my crohn's disease. I was initially diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, was hospitalized for eight days, did the normal treatment with steroids, enemas, and asicol medication. I found this treatment was ineffective and searched for something more natural. I was living a life based on my sickness, not going out to places, leary of traveling, lots of body pain and not too much strength in my body. I changed my diet, went to an immunologist for help with that and was taking supplements. I still found this was not enough for me. I had many issues around my bathroom schedule, feeling tired, body aches and pains, not wanting to eat if I was going out of the house at times I felt dictated by my illness. I heard about your product through an old friend of mine and decided to try it. Serovera has consistently helped me for several months. Each month my symptoms decrease and my lifestyle improves. I feel as though I can leave my home at any time and not worry. When my wife and I go out I don't need to know where the bathrooms are anymore -- which is an incredible change for me. I appreciate your product, I have told many others who I've met in person or on the internet about it and I thank you for creating it and making lives of some of us who struggle with these immune/gastro issues much better.

SEROVERA worked for me!! I had tryed EVERYTHING for 2 years for my gastritis and nothing worked well. My medications were not even taking care of my symptoms-let alone curing my problem. Serovera has helped me with my symptoms and curing my stomach issues. Everything is so much less severe and best of all i can eat the things that i used to never be able to eat without problems!
My doctor recommended taking a probiotic supplement, for my bowel movements. Within a few weeks of taking serolife I was able to detect a noticeable improvement in my energy level and my stomach seemed less bloated and upset. I knew I was on the road to recovery, to this day I continue to make great progress.
Thank you,

Hello Serovera for life,
As a busy businessman traveling around the world, running from one country to the next, foods and stress are always a big problem on my stomach. I have had the opportunity to compare Serovera for life to other brands in the marketplace and found it to be of superior potency, with bowel and general health improvements.

Just to keep you up to date. My wife has continued to improve while being on this medicine. It used to be that we couldn't even make it through the grocery store without stopping a number of times to wait for the pain to die down.
We have now been three times in a row without stopping at all! So thank you for this wonderful product. You all are involved in a wonderful product and I hope you know that it is improving our life.

My son aged 16 who suffers from UC has just completed his 1st month on SEROVERA. He was diagnosed in Nov 07 and has had to have 3 hospital stays due to flare ups. I have certainly seen a big improvement in his overall wellbeing. Can you let me have one of your blank charts so we can continue to monitor his progress.
Regards and Thank you for giving him a 2nd chance.

My husband has IBS and Diverticulitis, he has been hospitalised on a few occassions and has been very hesitant to what he eats. I came across the Serovera website on my search for some help. With some scepticism he tried the tablets in January 2008, now he spruiks to all who will listen as to the wonders of Serovera. He has not even had a niggle in his tummy and he eats most things and is able to keep his normal life. But he takes his Serovera religiously. Thank you, you have given him his life back.

I receive your newsletter regularly and find your articles very informative. I must admit though, that this is really for my son who suffers from Crohn's Disease, and so, would you please send him the newsletter as well.

Good day,
I have been on your fabulous product for a few months now and truly am amazed with my results thus far! This is an absolutely fabulous product for anyone suffering with digestive issues, I am currently taking 2 to 3 tabs a day for maintenance and healing of my small amount of diverticula's IBS and acid reflux, I have been symptom free since! You currently have a life time customer in me! And your customer service is the best I have ever dealt with ~ answering every question with care and understanding.
Kindest Regards,

My mother had been prescribed a product for her severe ulcerative colitis by an irresponsible Gastroenterologist who wrote for 180 capsules of a product that he did not even know if she could tolerate! When I asked the side effects, he told me I could go look them up on the internet. When my mother had every side effect listed, I decided it was not worth her going through the constant runny nose, which was the LEAST of the side effects. I was also determined to seek other avenues of treatment besides an arrogant physician who overprescribes and is unwilling to talk about side effects. Other aloe products did not seem to do anything but make my mother's symtoms worse.
I read the testimonials about Serovera and decided it was worth the try. My mother was not as compliant as Serovera indicated, but her symptoms are gone. So is the aggravation and fatigue that plagued her. I would recommend this product to anyone with bowel disorder who has had colonoscopy confirm no cancer is present.

Wow, this stuff really has helped with my acid reflux and hiatal hernia. Nexium was working but after I got off of it it came right back and it is not good to take that stuff long term.
Thanks again,

I just wanted you to know that I have taken Serovera for a few years now. I had tried all drugs possible to help with my crohn's disease, but they were not working anymore and with Remicade infusions I received a serum reaction. I have had 2 surgeries and been on medication since I was 25 years old.
I am now 44 and drug free as of a year ago due to Serovera. I was hesitant but was willing to try anything to have a better life without harmful drugs. I just want to thank you for finding this and sharing it with us patients who feel there is nothing left. I would recommend Serovera to anyone with crohn's to start Serovera and taper off your main drugs slowly like I did.
I went back for a scope last year and my doctor was amazed at the results I had little to no disease. I couldn't believe it either, but I knew I felt better and was happy I could now have a much better life with taking Serovera instead of steroids.

Dear Serovera,
I would like to thank you for your amazing product. I am a police officer in Canada and as such I work long hours and very stressful shifts. I had a bad flair up with my colitis which was into its tenth month. After taking your product for only four days I felt a difference. After the first bottle I went into complete remission and have been for the past two months. I have used several prescription meds and nothing came close to doing what your product did for me in such a short time. Serovera you saved my life.
Thanks again.

Dear Serovera,
I just received the order! Thank you so much for getting it out to us! A dear friend of mine told me about this product. It has helped him and we are hoping my son will benefit. I am totally impressed with your service.

Dear Serovera,
I have tried many things for my GERD and irritated esophagus. Almost all Aloe products have something in it that further irritates, except yours.
I want to thank you for making a form of Aloe that helps comfort my irritated esophagus. There are very few things that work for me. I empty the capsules into water and drink it. It's very soothing and is helping me heal.

Sorry, was not sure how to tell you what great success I have had with AMP so just putting it in an email.
I have to relate my experience for the benefit of those of you who may be disappointed that the results are slower than you may have expected. I did notice some alleviation of symptoms (mucus and blood in stools) after the first month but continued to have flare ups for another month or so. Did not see the major changes until well into the 3rd month on AMP. Have not completed the 3rd bottle but not many left. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Rarely, if ever see any blood at all in stools, occasional mucus but very infrequently. I will take another full bottle at recommended dose and then should be able to go to maintenance dose of 3 caps per day.
This product literally saved my life. There are no words strong enough to convey how delighted I am.

You guys seem to really be on the ball. At first, I saw another company on the web when I typed in “diverticulitis”. When I called them to order, there were all kinds of problems and so I told them to forget it and called you. I am so delighted to have found you guys—more competitive, more informative (the lady told me not to pay $40 for overnight, that 2-day shipping would come just as fast for only $24.xx) –everything about you guys is great. Now, I just am waiting for the product to get in my system to work on a nasty pain way down there.

As your product has helped me so much, I am taking a bottle with me to Germany, where I have a friend who suffers from diverticulitis.

Thank you for taking the time to tell me about your company and explain your product in detail. I spoke with Caroline and she was sincere, helpful and most of all patient. There has been so much confusion with some of the companies that sell Aloe vera AMP products that I really didn’t know what to believe anymore!
For several years I was a loyal customer using another aloe vera product. I really thought they cared about my health and well being until recently. Now I get calls and mail from former employees, web sites are up one day and down the next and I read about lawsuits between owners… I don’t really care about their personal problems, I am only concerned about one thing and that is my own health.
Aloe AMP products are expensive by nature and purchasing a new one is always a concern. I am glad I took a chance and purchased a bottle of Serovera. It works just as well or better than other products and costs less than what I spent before. Now that I trust you and your product I have reordered 3 bottles. You have gained my trust and I am now a new loyal customer!
Thanks for caring and being there when other companies were not.

My name is Nestor L. and I'm 64 years old. I've been in the construction business for 27 years as a drywall specialist. When you get to be my age, you really feel your body aching and your joints begging for forgiveness. My son's a weight lifter and he takes your product. He purchased a bottle for me and told me to take it regularly, that after a few days I would feel like a well oiled machine. He wasn't lying! My joints are pain-free and overall I feel great. You'd be hard pressed these days to find a product that works as well as serovera does.
Muchas gracias,

You guys are the best! I know I asked a million questions and must have spoken to you ten times before I finally tried Serovera.
Colitis is a terrible disease and expensive to treat. I spent a large portion of my disposable income on Aloe AMP products and just wanted to be sure about your company before purchasing your product. I am happy to say that I’m getting the same results as I did with the more expensive product I was purchasing before. Without your patience and kind words I don’t know what I would have done. I know I spoke to you recently when reordering three bottles but I just wanted to thank you in writing.
care and thanks again.

This should be just a "little thank" you for having almost saved me from complete desperation over my condition.
I have had Crohn's disease for over 12 years now and was on so many different medications that I can’t even remember which one gave me "some" and which one "no" relief. It was eventually my husband who discovered the AMP molecule news and the Serovera product and it’s healing powers and ordered it for me.
Being very skeptical and not very open (until now) to natural products etc… I didn’t give it a big chance but yet had nothing to loose trying it - as I was about to give up living like this…After the first 3 or 4 weeks of taking the recommended dosage, I eventually started to see the light and I cannot tell you how much improvement I saw and how I started to be able to live again like a normal person (and I know that people with similar conditions will understand what I mean by that).
I first thanked my husband to have found such a wonderful product for me, and then of course would like to thank Serovera for it’s AMP product and their kindness on the telephone when inquiring about it and asking many questions. Now I’m not questioning it anymore – I only regret not having started taking the amp earlier!!
Thank you again!

I must have called your number and hung up five times before finally speaking with Caroline. Sorry about that but I was really nervous about trying a new product. I was really surprised when I called at 9:00 pm at night and a real person, not an answering service, took my call.
I am one of those guys who does a lot of research before purchasing a product online. I think it’s great that you offer two formulas and use veggie caps too. You have earned my trust and business in the future. Sorry about all the phone calls before finally talking to you. I wasted precious time and only hurt myself by waiting so long to try Serovera - I really like your product!

Dear Serovera,
I heard about your product from a dear friend. I didn't know much about aloe, except that it was good for my daughters when they got a sunburn. But, after I read your site approximately 5 months ago, I purchased 1 bottle of Serovera, I am on my third bottle now and let me tell you, I feel like a new woman. I had absolutely no idea the benefits of AMP (I learned that from your site!) has on the digestive system. All my life I've suffered with cramps, bloating and an uneasy stomach, not terrible, but not desirable either.
I'm pleased to report that I have been "worry free" since I began taking Serovera.
Thank you,

Dear, Even though my English is not very elaborate (sorry) I still want to write to you to tell you my success story! I am 62 years old and developed diverticulitis about one and a half year ago after having terrible crises and terrible pain. I probably had it since a little while already without exactly knowing how bad it could get not really taking care of my problem…
I ended up in the hospital and already scheduling surgery to take out a big part of my intestine and it is only when the doc told me that it might be possible that I would be waking up with an artificial “sac” after surgery attached to me, that it really hit me!! I went home and decided that I was not ready for that – at all – but what to do?
When talking to my daughters about this they decided to research the net and read and learn as much as possible about the disease and alternative remedies. That is when one of them found out about AMP molecules and the benefit of it -and about Serovera. We ordered over the internet and 5 days later I was on the Serovera supplement with the dosage of 9 caps a day. And everybody (all 3 daughters) started calling me every day waiting for my wellness report. And it was amazing to me – after 2 weeks my symptoms slowly disappeared and I stopped the medication completely – trying only the Serovera by itself.
It was a little revelation for me as I haven’t used dietary supplements in the past at all – I could just not believe the effect it had on my condition. I started eating again and still was following very strictly the indications the company gives along in the package but I was almost free of pain and symptoms after a month and a half and couldn’t believe it!!
I’m such a convinced patient that I would like the world to know about Serovera AMP (at least the “intestinal sick” part of the world…) and share with other people who suffer from conditions like mine or similar, and tell them that there is hope and it is all natural, on top of everything.
I want to thank my daughter to have found Serovera for me (at my age not being very computer savvy…) and I would like to thank you, Serovera, for such a wonderful product, and I will use this as long as I live (first to get me completely well and then for maintenance) as I am aware that it will otherwise never get better with my diverticulitis!!
Thank you again and hope that many people will join in!!

Dear Sirs:
I've suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for as long as I can remember... I've been taking meds, for about as long as I can remember too. Till one day I gave up on prescriptions, and decided to take an alternative approach. I've taken other aloe based products, but I've come to feel that your product is the best for me. I'd like for you to include this on your website, for others like me to read and learn about how serovera AMP has helped suppress my irritable bowel syndrome. I feel great, and my spirits are high.
A very warm thank you.

Before purchasing Serovera I read your web site with a fine toothed comb. I love all the information available and was really happy you had a link showing your company’s registration. I was under the impression that your company was affiliated with some of those other clowns in the Aloe AMP business and was glad to see proof that you are not (especially after speaking to one of your representatives). I don’t know if you are aware or even care about some of the nonsense going on with your competitors. They really must think I was born yesterday…Anyway, thank you for a quality product at a fair price. I will reorder again next month as the product helps me so much with my crohn's.
PS : I really love your constant updates and new information on the web site, well done!

You are always professional, very friendly and take less time to order from than ANY other purchases I make on line. AND your product has saved me from colon surgery for chronic diverticulitis. Thank you so much.