Balance immune and gastrointestinal health, naturally.

SEROVERA AMP 500 w/ FREE SEROLife Probiotic

Our immune-modulating “smart” supplement combo is the only of its kind to combine the natural benefits of polysaccharides and immune-targeted probiotics into one daily course.

Harness the full power of SEROVERA® AMP 500 with a FREE bottle of SEROLife® probiotic.

Balance immune and gastrointestinal health, naturally.

SEROVERA® AMP 500 with Free SEROLife Probiotic

Harness the full power of SEROVERA® AMP 500‘s natural ability with a FREE bottle of SEROLife® probiotic.

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Limit (1) FREE SEROLife® probiotic per order.

Immune System Support

Serving as an immune system modulator, the short-to-long chain polysaccharide glyconutrients in SEROVERA® AMP 500 have demonstrated to provide positive effects, across a wide-array of colorectal irregularities, immune system dysfunctions, and autoimmune difficulties.


SEROVERA® AMP 500 may naturally help the digestive, colorectal, & immune systems.

Scientific research shows that 80% of your immune system resides inside your digestive tract. That is why we created SEROVERA® AMP 500. Generally speaking, most users take SEROVERA® AMP 500 more aggressively at the start and then taper off to a maintenance level once benefits are realized.
Individual results may vary.

Wellness Advancement

Our supplements are formulated to address the root cause of immune disorders. From long-chain immune modulating glyconutrients to probiotics, our supplements are natural materials, yielding no side-effects or contraindications with medications.

90-Day No Risk

We’re so confident that our products will transform your life, that we offer an unsurpassable 90-day satisfaction guarantee. That’s three whole months to test out our products that are revolutionizing immune health, and more.

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Our company history dates back to 1996 and has been helping individuals cope with immune and gastrointestinal disorders through all-natural immune modulating supplements. We have always worked hard to be serious about both people and business. We look at our primary goal as quality service and superior customer relations.

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