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Keep Your Digestive & Immune System Healthy
SEROVERA® may help you regain control of your out-of-control autoimmune system.*
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Regain Control of Your Life

Are you are at a crossroads with your digestive or autoimmune health? Are you frustrated and exhausted of it overtaking your day-to-day activities? Are you seeking to improve your quality of life? If so, then you are a candidate for SEROVERA® AMP 500.  SEROVERA® AMP 500 is a natural immune modulating supplement that is absorbed through your GI lining and into your immune system.


SEROVERA® is designed to work at the core of your body — your gut. Immediately after consumption, SEROVERA® works by releasing mucopolysaccharide glyconutrients that bind to special receptors lining your entire intestinal tract. These molecules establish a mesh-work of protection and may offer an array of benefits*. Learn about the internal uses of Aloe Vera.

Immune Enhancing Supplement

Natural Immune Enhancing Effects

The main ingredient in SEROVERA®'s Proprietary Blend, is a glyconutrient sourced from the inner leaf of the Aloe barbadensis plant through a freeze-dried extraction process. This powerful agent, known as Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides, or AMP for short, is the primary focus of Dr. Ivan E. Danhof, Ph.D., M.D. studies. Dr. Danhof's research & SEROVERA® AMP 500 were published in the book "Tomorrow's Cancer Cures, TODAY" by Allan Spreen, M.D. SEROVERA® is a non-toxic, non-chemical, non-synthetic proprietary blend designed to fortify your immune system, by strengthening and promoting healthy cell function*. Taken daily, SEROVERA® releases glyconutrient agents that bind to special receptors lining your entire gastrointestinal tract.

SEROVERA AMP 500Every bottle of SEROVERA® AMP 500 comes with 270 Vegetarian Plus capsules. Each capsule comes with a proprietary blend of 500 milligrams certified organic, freeze-dried Mucilaginous with Polysaccharides.


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highly recommend
By Allie S.
Verified Purchase
Been using this for years - it is amazing. Changed my life
Avenue to recovery.
By Al Barnes
Verified Purchase
You will not find a more effective solution for eliminating the damage done to your intestinal tract by GMO's, heavy metals, gluten (gliadin), pesticides and all forms of toxins which compose much of what we eat, breathe, drink, and touch. The statements made by the producers is not fiction.
Good product
By Nancy Anderson
Verified Purchase
All I can say is, "It works." I have used this product for flare ups for ulcerative colitis. The product must be taken as per directions and it is gradual. Prescriptions made me sick or continued the same symptoms as the disease. The reason for a flare up is I don't take Serovera for maintenance. I should. Anyway I was symptom free for 3 years until this last bout. Last colonoscopy was ok. I do see a physician also. She doesn't think Serovera is the reason for my healing from flare ups.
Autoimmune issues? GET some of this!
By Mountainlady
Verified Purchase
Been using this for years - it is amazing. Changed my life
My wife has leaky gut and these are the only pills that work
By Timothy
Verified Purchase
My wife has leaky gut and these are the only pills that work
Five Stars
By Armando Lopez
Verified Purchase
Great for my ulcerated colitis problem!!!!
Awesome product!
By Miche
Verified Purchase
My husband has diverticulosis and I give him one a day which controls him from getting his stomach problems.
From heartburn to diverticulitis…. don't be derailed by the cost. THIS IS QUALITY AND WORTH IT!!!
By mtcgoblue
Verified Purchase
Absolutely Love it - am working on healing pockets from diverticulitis so have been taking AMP for several months now. Finding incredible results and love how very calming to the gut it is with any intestinal distress (or if I have any sensitivities from what I eat). Initially, the moment I would feel light 'pinging' pain from my lower left area where the diverticulitis pocket is, I would take between 4-6 capsules) and it is amazing how quick the pain goes. Even if I start to feel t a little sluggish in my colon, this product stimulates it gently where my bowels get more regular. We have decided to not be without this product in our home!!! Initially we thought (due to the cost) that I would only be on it for a few months to avoid surgery which i have done - but now we know WE WON'T BE WITHOUT IT EVER!!! My husband also frequently suffered from heartburn and acid reflux… then after reading its many healing benefits he began taking it as well. He is now off all omneparazole (spelling???) which was a daily occurrence and not good for long term use due to the damage those medications cause. Now if he eats something spicy (rarity) he can take a couple of these and have no further problems. We love it! Don't be scared away by the cost… we have found you can either pay up front by being proactive and going as holistic as possible or you pay later through prescriptions, medical bills and surgeries. I find it WONDERFUL that i have been able to avoid surgery to remove diseased portion of my colon which the drs discussed. He finds it wonderful that I am no longer in pain. he also loves the benefits he has received from it….
From heartburn to diverticulitis…. don't be derailed by the cost. THIS IS QUALITY AND WORTH IT!!!
By Kristina Brydges
Verified Purchase
I had diverticulosis in the past 6 month., I was hospitalized twice with infected, chronics diverticulosis. I had fever, I had terrible pain in my lower stomach. Doctors was almost sure, I have a colon cancer. So, after 4 month of antibiotics therapy, I start to use Serovera twice a day, gas X pills 5 times a day, and taking lactobacillus also twice a day. So now, two months later, Im almost symptoms free !!!! Serovera makes miracle, helped me a lot, so I will kepp continue taking twice a day. Highly recommended this procucts for anyone who has diverticulosis.
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