Serovera AMP 500

How Serovera AMP 500 works?

Serovera works at the core of your body — your gut.

Immediately after consumption, Serovera begins releasing mucopolysaccharides that bind to special receptors lining your entire intestinal tract. These molecules establish a mesh-work of glyconutrients that are ultimately engulfed by the GI-lining. 

Serving as immune system modulators these polysaccharide glyconutrients have been demonstrated to provide powerful support on the gastrointestinal tract by promoting and maintaining an overall good state of health.† 

Polysaccharides have positive effects across a wide array of colorectal irregularities, immune system dysfunctions, and autoimmune difficulties.† 

Serovera focuses on the root cause of your immune health rather than masking the symptoms associated with it.†

Who uses Serovera AMP 500?

Most commonly, individuals seeking support for gastrointestinal, colon, and/or autoimmune health.

Why Serovera AMP 500?

Serovera’s proprietary blend of AMP is sourced from the inner leaf of the organic Aloe Barbadensis plant through a freeze-dried extraction process.

What is AMP?

Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides (AMP) are long-chain molecules composed of individual mannose and glucose molecules connected together. These AMP molecules are but one of the approximate 200 ingredients found in the Aloe Vera plant. Acemannan or mannan is the primary polysaccharide.

In looking closer at this magnificent molecule scientists have discovered that aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides are broken down into 4 varying chain lengths. Respectively, they are small, medium, large, and very large-sized chains.

Each varying size of the chain may uniquely provide its own properties. These compounds are demonstrating powerful effects on digestive and cognitive functions.†

It is important to note that the Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharide is the sole ingredient responsible for all the properties attributed to Aloe. This is a major breakthrough for use of natural Aloe in the autoimmune and gastrointestinal areas of medicine. 

Believe it or not, mucopolysaccharides are made in the human body and perform many key functions in your health, including growth and immune system functioning. Unfortunately, after puberty, we cease the manufacturing of mucopolysaccharides and must obtain them from outside sources.

Serovera AMP 500 advantages.

 - Little to no thermal damageGreat retention capacity.

- Great polysaccharide retention of varying lengths.

- Rapid re-hydrationLittle to no shrinkage.

- Higher potency.

- Faster absorption by the body.

- Lower consumption levels.